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Blast off At The Speed of Light!

Surrender now, or prepare to fight!

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To unite all peoples within our nation! To extend our reach to the stars above! James. Surrender now or prepare to fight!


This works so much better when Jessie is saying it with me.

Fandom: Pokemon, the original Kanto arc.
Email Address: thane.incarnadine@gmail.com
Voicemail Link: http://rocketbitch.livejournal.com/494.html
Living Arrangements: Living in Room 516 with pitifulcatdemon.

General Background: James was born a spoiled little rich boy, and grew to love Pokemon thanks to his best childhood friend, Growly the Growlithe. Times change, of course, and alongside his tomboyish friend, Jessie, he ran off and joined a bicycle gang to avoid an arranged marriage with a rather disagreeable female, then later they joined Team Rocket together and bumbled their way to the wrong side of the law. His hobbies include attempting to steal Pokemon, getting rich, being pushed around by Jesse, and collecting bottlecaps. After a stint at VillainCon 2006, James realized that there were so many interesting ... Pokemon to steal... on Fandom Island. The Boss sent him back, telling him to catch them, work up Team Rocket's presence on the remote island, and not to return until he's graduated. Really, the Boss just wanted him to stop getting in the way. James, after all, is an imbecile.
He's left his Victreebell behind for safekeeping, because he's fairly certain that a butt-eating plant won't get a good reception in a high-school. However, he is brought along his closest Pokemon friend, his Wheezing, who will most likely serve only as moral support on tough days where his loser-tendencies get the better of him.

His current mission? Create a team of Fandom Rockets and attempt to take over the island, one botched crime at a time!

For more info on James and Team Rocket:

For this part of summer camp, James is enrolled in the following workshops:
Monday Afternoon - Image: All About You (Woods)
Tuesday Afternoon - Scoobying 101 (Harris)

{This journal obviously doesn't belong to the guys who created James, Team Rocket, and Pokemon in general. And that's sad, because if it did, I would probably be able to afford some form of entertainment that didn't involve roleplaying certain amusing dudes with purple hair. This journal was made for the purpose of roleplaying in fandomhigh, and puffinmuffin doesn't mean any disrespect to the brilliant people at Nintendo by borrowing their character and spreading the Rockety love around campus.}