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Blasting off again...

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May. 9th, 2006 | 02:40 am
location: A roof!
mood: weirdToo Pretty To Die!

Somewhere in the serene night on Fandom Island, a teal deer gave off its soulful cry. The crickets shushed the bees in their steady song. An airplane droned in the distance, steadily approaching the shore.

If anyone cared to look at the airplane, they would perhaps notice that the only logo that it bore was a large, red "R" painted on one side. They might also take note of the open hatch, and the large men in black uniforms with the same logo who were dragging a flailing individual in white toward the opening in the plane.

They might also have cared to take note of the loud shriek that pierced the serenity of the night as the boy in the white uniform was tossed from the plane, followed shortly afterward by a smallish backpack, holding only the essentials.

There was much flailing to be had from the falling boy as he made his descent toward an almost certain doom.... Even once the purple parachute with the smiley face painted sloppily onto it opened up and slowed the boy's fall considerably.

Actually, the screaming and the flailing continued even after the boy touched down on the roof of Fandom High solid ground.

It stopped shortly after the backpack joined him, unceremoniously clobbering the back of his head and sending him sprawling for an impromptu nap.

James was back on Fandom Island.

{Ah, it's nice to play with James some more. If anyone cares to show up to prod at the zonked-out Rocketeer, I won't be home from work tomorrow until about 6:00 MST to wake him up again. If, for whatever reason, you end up rummaging through his backpack, all he has with him in his bag is a handful of nickels, a bottlecap collection, some old POGs, and some empty candy wrappers. Feel free to poke, prod, or draw on James' face as you see fit while I'm gone. Summer camp is going to be crack.}

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